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Continually Making a Difference

What does it mean to make a difference? Making a difference could mean your child has access to educational opportunities that were inconceivable 37 years ago. Maybe it means your child's dreams of attending college, having a career, living independently, and being active in the community are possible. You can make a difference by supporting IN*SOURCE with your donation or membership. Your membership will connect you to other members who share your concerns and hopes for ensuring a better quality of life for all children with disabilities in Indiana.

IN*SOURCE depends on donations and contributions which allow us to provide training and assistance to parents and professionals in obtaining appropriate educational programs and services for children and young adults with disabilities in Indiana. Our services have always been, and will continue to be, provided free of charge to families and individuals with disabilities. Community financial support makes an important difference to our organization. It helps us determine what we do based on values and mission rather than availability of funding. No matter what the amount, your contribution helps impact lives, break barriers, and change attitudes about disabilities.

Our staff, our Board of Directors and volunteers are eager to continue for another 37 years. As our visibility increases in the general population, our community students with disabilities and their families--as well as the larger community will be able to benefit from our services.We firmly believe that IN*SOURCEwill continue to have a place in the future as a leader and as a resource for children with disabilities and their families and the larger community.

Annual Membership Contribution

You can be part of our annual campaign by becoming a contributing member once a year. Members can contribute at five different levels of giving:

  • Benefactors - $100 and above
  • Sustaining Donor - $50
  • Organization - $25
  • FamilyDonor - $25
  • IndividualDonor - $15

Members also are automatically subscribed to our newsletter, are asked to participate in the election of officers, are recognized for their support in our Annual Report, and are invited to various IN*SOURCE events.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Corporations often match gifts made by employees, officers and directors. Sometimes even a spouse's gift can qualify. Consult your company's human resources or community relations department to see if matching gifts are available.

Planned Gifts

Wills, charitable annuities and trusts, along with other investment products can be used to provide financial gifts to IN*SOURCE. Please consult a financial planner for more information on Planned Charitable Gifts.

IN*SOURCE is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. Each gift is acknowledged by mail and is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.