A Parent Organization...

In 1975, a group of parents in South Bend came together primarily because they wanted to understand what “going to school” would mean for their children with disabilities. Prior to that time, most of those families had children who, because of their disabilities, were not permitted to attend public schools. The group of parents worked with their local schools to understand the requirements of a new law that said that children with disabilities, as all other children, are entitled to a free appropriate public education. They took that knowledge and information and shared it with other families in the South Bend community.

The mission of IN*SOURCE is to provide parents, families, individuals and service providers in the state of Indiana the information and training necessary to help assure effective educational programs and appropriate services for individuals with disabilities.

Parents Helping Parents...

Today, IN*SOURCE has staff who provide that information and training to the entire state of Indiana. Virtually all of our staff are parents of individuals with disabilities. The Board of Directors is composed of a majority of parents of individuals with disabilities, individuals with disabilities themselves, and service providers to individuals with disabilities.

IN*SOURCE has a training program for parents of individuals with disabilities who wish to serve as volunteers in their local communities throughout Indiana.

With parents helping parents, all that IN*SOURCE does directly relates to the provision of information, training, assistance and support to parents of individuals with disabilities.