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Autism Toys for Children: Ultimate
Guide for Choosing the Best Gift
for Your Child With Autism

(from Autism Parenting)

What are the best autism toys for children?

Children are so different from one another and so are their needs. Does your child like physical activity? An indoor ball pit or trampoline might help your child with autism expend some energy. What about sensory issues? Many kids benefit from soothing toys such as stress balls and fidgets. Visually-oriented children are often drawn to motion lamps and liquid timers. LEGO blocks and educational puzzles are popular with autistic children.

Tips on choosing and buying the perfect toys for autistic children.

When choosing the best autism toys for the child in your life, it is important to take into consideration not only preferences and interests, but also what is most appropriate for the child’s age, ability level, and developmental stage. Physical activity play toys are wonderful choices for children who have lots of energy or who struggle to find a constructive way to harness energy. Educational toys for autism can support children in meeting their academic goals as well as helping to support their curriculum and therapeutic goals.

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