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Tuesday, January 19 - Results Driven Accountability

Each state is required to develop a performance plan that addresses 17 special education indicators identified by the federal Department of Education. States are required to establish targets for each of the indicators such as assessments, graduation rates, and early childhood outcomes in addition to the compliance indicators and data timeliness. The Indiana Office of Special Education's (OSE) accountability system is known as Results Driven Accountability (RDA). Through RDA OSE ensures that school corporations are compliant with these components. Each school corporation receives their RDA data and performance designation in November each year. This webinar will review the components of RDA and supports provided to school corporations.

Presented by: Kristan Sievers-Coffer, Senior Special Education Specialist, Office of Special Education, Indiana Department of Education
Brandon Myers, Data Specialist, Office of Special Education, Indiana Department of Education.


Tuesday, February 2 - Attendance Update 2020-2021

This presentation will review attendance legal guidelines, attendance expectations during Covid, including new attendance codes, and will review Chronic Absenteeism as well as the free resources available on the IDOE website.  Lisa Truitt is the Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness Specialist State Attendance Officer at the Indiana Department of Education.


Tuesday, February 16 - Special Education 101

This session provides a brief overview of the special education process with an emphasis on the parent's role in the process, dispute resolution options for parents, and the importance of building good relationships.


Tuesday, March 2 - Preparing for Your Child's Special Education Case Conference

Case conferences can be confusing and stressful for parents. This session helps parents identify issues of concern, organize documents, prepare information, and communicate effectively during the case conference. This class will help parents become their child's best advocate and build positive relationships with school personnel.


Tuesday, March 30 - Seclusion and Restraint

Senate Bill 345 called for a commission to be developed for the ongoing development of safe seclusion and restraint in schools.

This webinar will discuss seclusion and restraint rules and definitions, training and monitoring requirements of those rules, and options if parents have questions or concerns about the application of those rules in their school district.