Online Courses

Welcome to our online training center! As Indiana's Parent Training and Information Center, IN*SOURCE is committed to making training as accessible for parents as possible. You are always welcome at the IN*SOURCE training events held around the state to help families understand the special education law and process, but we know it's not always easy to get to these events. That's why we've developed a large menu of online courses that will help you learn how to advocate for your child and others - all from the comfort of your own home. With online courses, you can learn at your own pace, at the time of day that works for you.

Available Training Tracks:

HeartsGeneral Training Courses
These courses are great for anyone looking to learn more about the special education law and process.

EducationVolunteer Training Courses
These courses are required for anyone who is applying to be a parent support volunteer. Passing a test will be required to get credit for each course module.